Roberto Pazzaglia

Co-founder, Marisé Eco Couture

Roberto Pazzaglia, is the co-founder of the Marisé Eco Couture, together with his mother the designer Marisa Cincini.
Marisé' idea is to merge the techniques and
the craftsmanship of our family experience in fashion with the demand of products for working women
that embrace a natural lifestyle and love to be elegant and on point in every occasion.
Surrounded by the beautiful and colored Lake Trasimeno Natural Park, and inspired by this breathtaking environment, we start our brand in 2016, from the union between the tradition of our work and the innovation of the materials.
Our clothing is rich in details and conscious because we truly believe that what you wear makes a difference
in your lifestyle, if you start your day feeling confident and beautiful, for sure you’re going to make a difference in your daily routine.
That’s why we are proud to use pockets in womenswear, we use comfy materials that feels great on your skin and we choose an aesthetic that promotes the natural beauty of different body shapes.
All our garments are handcrafted in full respect of natural resources, thanks to the use of sustainable
fibers which, in addition to being low in environmental impact, have antibacterial, healthy, breathable
and hypoallergenic privileges.
Our team is mainly made by strong and determined women who constantly check in every detail of
our products and inspire us to find the perfect match between what women need and what they really
deserves to feel great and start everyday looking in the mirror and feeling really good.

7:00 am PDT (San Francisco); 10:00 am EDT (New York); 16:00 CEST (Paris); 23:00 JST (Tokyo); 0:00 AEST (Sydney)

Thursday 25th Feb

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