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The brand’s philosophy falls within the concept of designer-driven pieces that are aspirational yet accessible, elegant and timeless, sophisticated but playful, ultra-feminine with perfect tailoring, meticulous structures and shapes, bold use of colour and print; for women who are confident in themselves and their style choices, strong attitude, individual style and by with a romantic spirit.

Born in Venezuela, within a Portuguese family, Katty Xiomara moved to Portugal at the age of 18, settling in Porto.

​Katty Xiomara’s name treads the catwalks of Paris on several occasions and participates regularly in international trade shows.

Alongside her careers as a Fashion Designer, Katty Xiomara is a lecturer at Modatex in Porto, where she teaches themes like Street wear, Tribes and Urban Subcultures.

Designed responsibly from start to finish.

In our effort to promote responsible consumption, each season is designed relative to the last, allowing a wardrobe to be built over time piece by piece. As a palette of color opens and develops, shifting from summer into fall encompassing seasonal prints, shapes, and silhouettes evolve too establish themselves in harmony with their predecessors, and can be layered or paired together, bridging several collections. 

This design ethos is combined with the sourcing of biodegradable and recyclable material, as locally as possible. In furthering this effort, we do not refrain from re-purposing fabrics of previous seasons; as the brand, Patrick Cupid underlays its entire philosophy with a positive drive to sustain the planet. We endeavor to minimize our environmental impact by creating less waste.


“I don’t see secondhand and ethical brands as dueling in some sustainable fashion tug-of-war. We need both solutions. I buy a lot of secondhand clothes because I work in the industry, and I’m very good at finding exactly what I want. But I also buy new clothes, too.

We have to remember that the point of purchase is just one single moment in our relationship with clothes. To me, it’s the least interesting moment — buying something. What’s more important, from a sustainability standpoint, is that you buy clothes you love and are going to wear, figure out how to wear them well, reimagine them, repair them, wash them carefully.”

High quality and made in Italy are the core values for the brand, which takes root in a circular business model, putting strong and distinctive aesthetic together with a modular and versatile design.

Only sustainable and recycled raw materials are employed.

The entire design is based on minimum reaching simplicity while guaranteeing quality with the least environmental impact. The collections are structured in capsules, in order to maximise the wardrobe and reduce the production. Less clothes, but valuable ones, durable and versatile, suitable for any occasion.

The brand launched its first collection at the White Show Milan last February, being one of the 10 finalists in the WSM Smart Contest – Sustainable Manufacturing and Responsible Innovation Technologies. 


Pure One is a sustainable and ethical brand for inspiring and conscious women who change the world by their inner light, kind deeds and true values.

The style is conscious elegance, not to make you choose between beauty and sustainability.

We use only ethically sourced, biodegradable, certified organic and eco-friendly fabrics: organic cotton, organic peace silk, recycled silk, banana silk, ramie, hemp, Tencel, ethical and vegan wool etc.

We called our brand Pure One to show its eco friendliness, consciousness, kindness and respect. Pure One means not just pure fabrics and pure clothes, but also pure mind, pure heart, pure values and pure world.

Be kind, be conscious, be Pure one! – this is our main message to the planet.

At Origin X Performance we believe in keeping things simple. This means we focus on doing the basics right by providing attractive, yet simplistic designs.

Origin X Performance was established in 2019 by Samuel Allsop in London, United Kingdom. We specialise in providing sustainable activewear and accessories to the UK, Europe, and the world.

We focus on the following three aspects which make our brand one of a kind:

Affordable sustainable clothing range & biodegradable and/or compostable packaging: We pride ourselves on our sustainable manufacturing processes.

We use fabrics from various sources to ensure we produce the very best sustainable garments for our customers. Also, all our packaging is biodegradable and/or compostable and plastic-free!

REMEANT Sustainable fabric can be used for vegan clothing, vegan bags, cushions and more. The textiles are similar to leather in look and feel, without damaging the environment or mistreating animals.

Our solution is to upcycle industrial packaging materials waste, that can’t be reused. With REMEANT we are bringing new materials into the world, by re-using the original materials and eliminating them from the waste stream. The polyethylene that is used by Remeant comes from industrial waste, so we do not use any new raw materials to produce it. We aren’t wasting new materials, only use the existing ones in order to reduce further environmental damage and create a better world for us and future generations.

Now more than ever it is our duty to reverse the negative ecological trends and make the world a clean, pastoral and green place to live.

Shanili was founded with a passion for high quality, stylish shoes combined with a love for animals. Shanili aims to be the leader in fine vegan shoes, from various countries around the world as well as from our private Israeli collection.
Shanili is offers vegan shoes for men and women in trendy and classic designs. We offer handcrafted shoes made from the best artificial leathers, without compromising beauty or style.
When we realized that the market for 100% animal-free shoes was virtually nonexistent, we created Shanili to offer stylish, luxurious options for vegans and animal lovers alike. Our goal is to pioneer the vegan fashion revolution in the Israeli market.
We believe that embracing a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean having to compromise on quality or style. .


Passionate Artist and Creator, LauSense carry you in her universe, she invites you to live each emotion like a unique experience.


It is through the synergy between Art and Fashion that LauSense express herself, she brings you a new opening, an authentic experience, at the closest of you, listen to your aspirations.

LauSense meets all your requirements by offering you noble materials, high-end accessories Made in France for unforgettable moments.

Bébénca Organics – an organic baby clothing brand, has been founded on the core ethic of sustainability and conscious living for all.

Bébénca Organics has been found on this guiding principle: To leave the world better than what it was when we came into it.

Why Bébénca? Its peace of mind knowing your baby is safe from harmful and carcinogenic chemicals touching it sensitive and young skin.

Doing the right thing for the people who make these clothes. You are sure they were treated fairly and were happy while making your baby’s clothes.

By choosing Bébénca, we all do our bit for our planet, its environment and towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Strelitziasunsun is an haute couture & Prêt-à-porter fashion and jewellery design studio, established in 2008 in Switzerland.

“Strelitziasunsun” comes from a combination of Strelitzia + Sun Sun. Designer’s name pronounced in Cantonese is SUN SUN and Strelitzia is the name of a distinctive flower called the ‘Bird of Paradise’, which is the English name of Sun Sun.

The brand uses purely natural materials and haute couture technique.

It ‘s a joy to work with many talented people and specialist from all over the world and able to create so many different styles, level of, stories’ design projects, Operas projects for the clients International. It fulfills myself to continues studies in different fields, able to get inspiration and learning all the time.