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Mae Maze is a unisex ethical fashion brand based in London. Our main focus is not just with the garments we produce, it’s with people and our environment. We use the company to house many different initiatives.

Believing that all collaboration encourages growth Mae Maze combines with an array of different artists to produce innovative and contemporary pieces. Blending the two worlds galvanised by the belief that by one’s self we can do a lot but together so much.

Learning from the elements we have around us Mae Maze has since inception focused on conscience and slow fashion. The collection has no season or gender and it’s only produced to order with minimum waste.

ZEROBARRACENTO is a gender-neutral zero-waste emerging brand. 0 and 100 are our statements. It means 0% of waste as well 0% of gender, instead we promote a brand that ais to be 100% sustainable in factual terms. This means being 100% factual, 100% clean, 100% inclusive.

The patterns: are developed based on a zero-waste technique that eliminates textile waste at the design stage, an approach that contributes to reduce the use of natural resources. Usually, around 15% of textiles go wasted in the production process of fashion clothes.
Our statement is made using lines which are clean, essential and Italian.

ZEROBARRACENTO Awards: WORTH Partnership Project 2020 | TheOne Seasonless award for Mittelmoda 2019| Createx Project 2019| Mad Mood prize for Ethical Fashion at MFW 2017 | CCA, June 2016 | Recycling Design Preis 2015.


It was 1988 when Giulio and Marisa decided to start a long journey into the world of fashion under the name of Giulmar. Surrounded by the beautiful nature and colors of the Lake Trasimeno Natural Park, the first steps began, starting collaborations with major brands in the world of fashion and textiles. Inspired by this environment, Marisè Eco Couture was born in 2016, a young brand born from the union between tradition and innovation.

Dynamic, determined, aware women, and at the same time elegant, casual and fashion.
Our style is essential, with minimal lines and with a strong character of asymmetries and overlaps. All our garments are handcrafted in full respect of natural resources and all the skins, thanks to the use of sustainable fibers which, in addition to being low in environmental impact, have antibacterial, healthy, breathable and hypoallergenic privileges.

Avaro Figlio is the perfection of Italian modernism combined with a couture craftsmanship which is shown in every gown and collection. The journey into the bold elegant world of Avaro Figlio began in 2009 as a journey into edgy and eclectic women’s lives.

The label offers stunning and exquisite exclusive garments for women interested in couture ready to wear and chic edgy pieces for evening. Architecture transcends the looks into harmonic and lively garments with splendid details in the prints and designs. Detail and careful selection of fabric are evident in every one of the designer’s garments.

Gitta Bags was established in 2000 – a groundbreaking company in the designer diaper bag market in Israel and around the world. The company’s deluxe products are designed to make parents’ lives easier, utilizing innovative, smart solutions that are a direct result of the core gitta Bags values: quality, luxury, functionality, self-expression, customer service, and social responsibility.

All Gitta fabrics are custom-made for the company using state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that they are lightweight, liquid-repellent, strong, durable, soft to the touch, machine-washable, and easy to clean, using only a wet wipe.

100% vegan

Livrea Movement is an Italian luxury brand oriented to the eco-sustainability.
LM design and develops bags and accessories in ecologic and vegan leather, jewels in silver and gold materials, sportswear and swimwear with bio and sustainable fabrics. All products are made in Italy.

The main mission of our brand is to change the way of thinking fashion. LM believes in responsibility, vanguard and innovation.

Shanili was founded with a passion for high quality, stylish shoes combined with a love for animals. Shanili aims to be the leader in fine vegan shoes, from various countries around the world as well as from our private Israeli collection.

We believe that embracing a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean having to compromise on quality or style. Therefore, every design we select is specifically chosen to showcase the artistry and style of the designs. And our materials are virtually indistinguishable from leather – you’ll hardly believe you’re wearing vegan!
Shanili : because compassion never goes out of style.

Bébénca Organics – an organic baby clothing brand, has been founded on the core ethic of sustainability and conscious living for all.

Bébénca Organics has been found on this guiding principle: To leave the world better than what it was when we came into it.

Why Bébénca? Its peace of mind knowing your baby is safe from harmful and carcinogenic chemicals touching it sensitive and young skin.

Doing the right thing for the people who make these clothes. You are sure they were treated fairly and were happy while making your baby’s clothes.

By choosing Bébénca, we all do our bit for our planet, its environment and towards reducing our carbon footprint.


Passionate Artist and Creator, LauSense carry you in her universe, she invites you to live each emotion like a unique experience.


It is through the synergy between Art and Fashion that LauSense express herself, she brings you a new opening, an authentic experience, at the closest of you, listen to your aspirations.

LauSense meets all your requirements by offering you noble materials, high-end accessories Made in France for unforgettable moments.